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Thinking of names to start off with my first blog. A blog name that itself says the story and here it goes…. SHE IS IMMORTAL.

Introducing myself as “SHE”. “She” just like you… She, who struggles from getting up early in the morning to challenging the world against sexism. She, who doesn’t believe in Feminism but can’t tolerate Inequality. She, who like every person has thousands of dreams and thousands of hurdles to overcome. She, who has received a bag full of expectations from the society and is expected to fulfill them all.

So, what does the society expect from women?

Women are expected to be more mature, well behaved and strong. She should know everything from cleaning to cooking to washing. Women are expected to give birth, take care of the children, have decency and earn a living. Most of women give up on their desires and live up to the expectations of the society. For those, who doesn’t care what society thinks and live her life on her own terms is categorized as Shameless, Bold, Immodest, impudent and what not.

This one’s dedicated for all you Fighters who didn’t give up and are rebelling against that typical mindset.

Do I mean that just by writing “SHE IS IMMORTAL” makes us immortal? Well NO…

What does Immortal mean?

In general immortal is like living forever. In science, cell or organism that does not experience aging is biological immortal. In religious terms, immortality is one of the promises of God to human being (irrespective of gender) who show goodness.

From Sojourner Truth (1797 – 1883) an African American abolitionist who fought for gender equality to Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) who went against what was traditionally expected of her, by becoming a war-hero nurse. From Neerja Bhanot flight attendant who died while saving passengers from terrorists on board a hijacked plane to Acid attack survivors like Laxmi Aggarwal who are motivating us on how to face hardship with smile. Nirbhaya, Unnao Rape Case, Hyderabad rape case that shows us the brutal face of the society. From Nirbhaya’s mother to Sabrina Lal who taught us to fight strong against the society. Serena Williams, Sania Mirza, P.V. Sindhu, Mithali Raj, Geeta Phogat, Mary Kom, Steffi Graf and there’s a long list of “SHE” whom you should look up to as your inspiration for battle against the society.

For all the women out there fighting for education, access to equal opportunity and facing economic inequality, fighting against child marriage, prostitution, dowry and what not… I want you to know that not giving up and standing for what you are doing is nothing less than being messenger of God. You are living example of victory of good over immorality.


As you will always live in mind and hearts of brave women like you and will live on forever as you are the spark that will give light to the world or will light fire (if needed) and burn all that is evil.

This blog isn’t about making you strong, you are already strong. It’s about making you realize that each one of us have wonder woman inside, let’s focus on not letting it die.

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