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What anxiety actually is. It's more than just worrying

Do you remember the feeling of fear or nervousness while going on the first day of your school, or going for a job interview or speaking in front of a crowd or going for an important business deal?

This feeling is your body’s natural response to stress, and it is normal to feel nervous during such events.

Imagine having this feeling for months and not just for an event or a day. Imagine that feeling interfering your life and making it difficult for you to make any decisions or be confident about self. This feeling of intense, excessive, and a never-ending worry about everyday situations is called Anxiety disorder.

What is an anxiety disorder?

No, it is not another term for worrying about something.

This is a normal misconception about anxiety. Starting a new job or appearing for an exam make you feel anxious, but this type of fear would motivate you to do better and work harder to achieve the results.

But for a person experiencing an anxiety disorder, the fear would be with them forever. It is normal for them to live with fear. Or in extreme cases person would find difficult doing normal things like walking on the street, entering an elevator or even discussing things.

We all must be knowing someone who experiences anxiety. Your friend or family or someone at the workplace or in the neighbourhood. That person who takes forever to make any decision or is always in worry about some or the other thing.

Those who suffer from anxiety knows how exhausting it is. Their days, months or even years pass in regrets and fear. No matter how much they want, they can never enjoy their life fully.

Every day they wake up pushing themselves to start the day. Small problems also cause them to have huge worries. It is the feeling that something is badly, profoundly wrong and it’s like they are exhausted all the time.

Anxiety is apologising for everything even without your fault. It is blaming yourself for everything you are not responsible for.

It is fear of losing someone you love
It is the fear of people hating you
It is fear of living life

Anxiety is like past haunting us forever and the future only has troubles. It is fear of judgement, fear of losing everything.

This pandemic has caused feelings of uncertainty and doubt in most of us. We all are humans and it’s ok to feel frustrated at times especially during a pandemic. But for people with anxiety, this feeling was there even before the pandemic.

Below are some common symptoms of anxiety

  1. Feeling lightheaded

  2. Heartache

  3. Shortness of breath

  4. Constant fear

  5. Dry mouth

  6. Sweating

There are a large number of symptoms for anxiety, and not everyone experiences the same symptoms.

Anxiety is too much of everything, loving too much, caring too much and feeling too much.

If you are suffering from anxiety, try for below remedies:

  1. Have proper sleep

  2. Eat healthy

  3. Start doing Yoga

  4. Meditate regularly

  5. Indulge yourself in some or other activity

  6. Avoid drinking or smoking

Always keep in mind that anxiety, if not treated, will only get worse. It is self-destruction that you won’t be able to stop.

Hearing about anxiety from people who suffered from it makes it difficult for you to understand but when it will hit you, you might understand how complicated it is.

No need to rush,

No need to worry,

No need to make everyone happy,

Just be yourself.

Spend time with people who could bring the best in you and helps you gain positivity in life.

Anxiety is the battle that you might not have to fight only once, it’s like you always have to be ready for the battle.

Don’t worry over things you can’t change,
Or people who don’t understand.
Release the pain and live for the moment

Anxiety disorder can be treated with changes in lifestyle, medication and psychotherapy. It won’t just go away but you will eventually learn to deal with it and be happy with your life.

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