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The Person you bring to your mind before you fall asleep

You had your dinner, gone through your mobile, finished off with your routine work and now you are ready to let yourself dream or maybe you’ll just fall asleep. Wait, but before that what comes to your mind? Is it a moment or a person? Isn’t it obvious and normal to think of that special person before you fall asleep?

Already had those feelings or having them now?

I’m sure, most of you know what I am talking about. This person comes to your mind when you have nothing else to worry about and your mind is free to feel what you want in your life, and this someone only brings in positive thoughts and makes you feel the peace that you need in your life.

While reading most of you will get that feeling I am talking about or you must have already started thinking of that person, you might have gone through this at some point in your life. So, is that it? Or there’s something more? While thinking about that person, didn’t you feel like knowing what that other person might be thinking of you? Do they feel the same or is it that we don’t play any role in their busy life? You badly want to know the truth, right?

Did you feel the butterflies in your stomach or had that smile on your face by assuming that they might feel the same? But then what if they don’t feel the same and it’s all in your mind. How do we get the answer? There’s no way we can understand and find out the real thing until we face them and accept what we feel for them. But would you risk it? Would you do that to the person and have the chances of being rejected for life. Instead of sleeping with those good thoughts you are risking confronting them and maybe end up losing those good thoughts and wake up to rejection you just got. You would never be ready to take that bet and face that rejection in the rest of your life.

The first step, no matter what it is for, is always the hardest and scariest.

Do you take chances, even after knowing that things could go opposite of what your dreams are made of? I won’t say what you should do neither, I have any role in this. But knowing the following things might help you select what you want with your life.

The Purpose of our lives is to be HAPPY.

We might have made the wrong choice, ended up in the wrong place or did things which later we may regret. But in the end, what is life? Why do you live? You live to be happy if until now this wasn’t your motive. Change your goal to be happy in life. Life is meant to give you happiness and not just make you count the days.

Time is free, but PRECIOUS

The time you got in your life was completely free, but you would never be able to determine its value, having your last moments and all you think about the risks you didn’t take. Those will be the moments when you would ask God to give you time, let you rewind your life so that you can correct things as per what your heart wants.

You DIE ONLY ONCE but you have the chance to LIVE EVERY DAY

Earlier, I used to believe in “We live only once” and therefore I should live the way I want, till I realize that I live every day until I DIE. I have so many days to correct and live the way I want. One day when I will die, I would have no regrets, but proud feelings of not giving up and standing up for things I felt for.

You’re on your deathbed, would be happy about living just a normal life or be happy about the risks you took.


Select wisely as rightly said by someone “In the end, we only REGRET the chances we didn’t take”.

Speak your heart, you never know that feeling might be mutual. If you get rejected, at least you would die with NO REGRETS 😊

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