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SINGLE in your 30s

You have managed to fulfill some of your career goals, and you’re excited about what further challenges you’ll face in your career. Instead, you are now forced to answer the following questions: “When are you getting married” or “Settle down and have kids as your biological clock is ticking” or “Isn’t it the right age to get married.”

All women in your 30s, can you relate this? You must be tired of hearing all the suggestions from the society experts. May heaven help you if you have crossed the age of 30 and still not married. Parents get bombarded with questions ultimately resulting in parents getting depressed about your marriage.

Do you even know how does society looks at you?

Society feels you are lonely, sad person craving affection and there is something fishy about you that you are still single. You are Incomplete and your life has no meaning till you get married.

It’s a terrible cliché, either you fight against it or ignore it.

Let them know all women are different, some women might eagerly be looking for their Mr. Perfect others might be happy in their life. We all have had our set of experiences which make us what we are. Some of you must be single as you have not met the one you are looking for. Some of you must have been through bad experiences in your past that you might not want to go through that phase again. Some of you are happy with your life and maybe you feel to live your life the way it is.

We all have our reasons in life. For whatever reasons you are still single, let me tell you marriage isn’t the only way to get your happily ever after. In fact, studies show that women who are never married or had children are happiest and healthiest. Single life is expensive, plus its difficult for you to find a decent place to stay. You are free, independent and empowered that you can pay your own bills, you are free to support your parents.

Many times, I have noticed that Single woman have a different level of self-confidence which is missing in one’s who are in a relationship. You don’t need anyone else to make your life complete and are unlikely to crave other people’s company. You enjoy your own company.

Such women might not always excel in their careers, but that won’t make them run after finding a guy for themselves. They focus on doing things they love and are perfectly happy being all by themselves. Such women are more likely to live longer than ones who are married. Despite so much hype about getting married on time, you’ll see there are women who chose to remain single or get married late till they find their Mr. Right.

Crossing your 30s and still not getting married is frustrating and suffocating, as a society won’t let you live, you’ll be scrutinized, questioned and the conversation would end with lectures on things you are already aware of. Socials would trigger negative emotions in you and those aunties won’t give up till they make you feel bad for not getting married.

This isn’t that women who are happily single will never fall in love; they will when they’ll find their right person.

Don’t settle for anyone. Our Private life is nobody’s business.

Don’t lose yourself to love someone else, as when the time is right, you’ll someday find the person who will support you, let you be the way you are.

Being Single is no longer your luck, IT’S YOUR CHOICE.


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