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Priyanka Chopra Grammy's dress was too much…?

I came across negative comments from so called self-proclaimed critics on Priyanka Chopra Grammy's dress. People went to the extend of writing “She puts Indian women to shame such embarrassment wearing such dress. Well it’s just me talking.”

And my reaction to this? Like seriously…? Why would you use such harsh words for her? Writing and hearing such words from such people should bring embarrassment to you.

First of all, no one is liked by everyone. Imagine you wearing your favorite dress with any pastel colors and someone laughing at your choice as she prefers wearing muted colors. Giving your opinion is your freedom of speech but hurting someone or passing verdicts is foolhardiness.

From my viewpoint, Priyanka Chopra is an example of versatility. To start with she is an actress, singer, film producer, Miss World 2000, National award winner, honored with Padma Shri and not to forget to be on Time’s and Forbes (twice) list as 100 most influential people in world & Forbes World’s 100 most powerful women respectively. She was introduced as the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF during the 70th-anniversary event at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. She is known for her contribution to social causes, particularly those involving children. She was part of UN “Girl Up” global campaign. She has not only entertained us with her acting but is best-known for taking initiatives for social causes.

So, was her dress too much? Was it under your “revealing too much” category? Yes, her dress was too much for bigoted minds. Yes, she was revealing too much by being real in front of prejudiced people who on one side wants celebrity to set an example in front of the society by not being fake by fitting in your perfect fantasy.

Image courtesy: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram account

More respect and power to all those girls who don’t try to fit themselves in definition of “SO-CALLED BEAUTIFUL”. As we are not just our bodies, we are much more than those ill minds. Your talent, your power and your presence are the things that makes you beautiful. Your stretch marks, your scars or any such transformation is beautiful. Show them off with confidence. You are gorgeous in your own way.

Don’t be a slave to those appreciating only your physical beauty, be the master of your own kind of beautiful. Shine through your flaws and that will make a flawless beauty.

And lastly, Priyanka Chopra you never brought shame to any Indian Girl. You were and are always going to be a motivation for all those girls who dream to spread their wings and are much more than passing those ruthless comments. In her words, Be kind to yourself and everyone around you. Its matters a lot. 😊

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