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Nirbhaya Case – Justice can never be delivered!

The whole world has been watching how justice is being delayed in India. World is laughing as they witness how convicts are playing with the system and not just once or twice, this is the third time that convicts have deferred their death penalty and made joke of our justice system.

“I lose hope every day, but I stand tall every day” said Nirbhaya’s mother.

She is not ready to give up and is struggling to get justice even after 7 years of that heinous crime with hope that no matter what the convicts will be hanged. She’s been through hell, she has seen her daughter fighting for her life after she was raped, beaten and brutalized by six men. Salute to such women who has the courage to fight the faulty system for so many years.

But do you think that even though some day if the convicts are hanged, will justice be delivered? Or did we already set an example for the world to show the limit of how flawed our justice system is.

Hanging the rapists will surely help in reinforcing people’s faith in judiciary. But what did our judicial system do these seven years? Did they learn a lesson and changed the flawed laws in our system or were they too busy watching the drama done by convicts that improvising our judicial system wasn’t the priority? Hanging the criminals will be a big day for her mother and also for whole nation. You would scroll down your Facebook feed, Instagram posts and tweets to read “Finally the justice served” “Good always triumphs over evil” etc. Getting up one day and appreciating that Justice has been delivered won’t make our court system fair.

Imagine, in an clear open and shut case like Nirbhaya if it can take 7 years and don’t know how much more, then what happens in other cases where evidence is not clear or where evidence has been destroyed or where powerful is the winner. This calls for strong analysis of so-called justice system in our country and removing those limitations where a convict can fool around and challenge our whole structure.

On one side women like Nirbhaya’s mother set an example for everyone to never bow down to injustice and fight for it, other side our government shows us how difficult it is for the right one’s to stay in this world. No death warrants or jail term can justify such crimes. In my opinion, stopping such crimes and stopping such delays in delivery of justice can only be called as “JUSTICE FOR ALL”

Even if some day the convicts are hanged, I would say “JUSTICE CAN NEVER BE DELIVERED” to Nirbhaya and her family. Life had changed for them in a moment. Every day from that day they had lived in grief, her father’s dream for her daughter is shattered. They are only left with the memories they had with Nirbhaya. Thus, No! Justice can never be delivered to them, it’s just that they would be able to overcome their restlessness by knowing that now their daughter’s soul would rest in peace.

I would wish Nirbhaya’s mother “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY” as that day would be one of the biggest ever achievement of women in history.

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