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Please, I can’t breathe

When you put your faith in the system, a system that is supposed to be designed for you.
When you feel justice exist, justice that would come to your rescue when you are a victim.
And, when you believe Humanity is the only religion, a man lost his life for being black.

When someone says, ‘I can’t breathe’ you could feel how strong the pain is. But after 25th May, 'I can’t breathe' is more than physical pain.

Most of you are aware of ‘I can’t breathe’ incident that made everyone cry.

For those who have no idea what I am writing about, on 25th May George Floyd who was an African American was pinned down by the neck by a police officer in Minneapolis. In his last minutes, George was pleading for his life and was struggling to breathe. A white police officer went on to restrain Floyd and kneeled on his neck for about 6-7 minutes while other officers stood there and watched him. 46-year-old George was repeatedly saying ‘I can’t breathe’ till he became unconscious and finally died. His death has triggered violent unrest in many cities in the US.

In 2014, a similar incident where Eric Garner an African American was held in a chokehold by a police officer in New York, where Eric uttered the same words, ‘I can’t breathe’ for 11 times before he died.

‘I can’t breathe’ has now become a cry for protestors.

Such hate, race war or religion battles have never been fruitful to anybody.

The way he died was non-sensical. No one deserves to die, particularly because of his skin colour.

Love should roar than any other thing in this world.
Empathy shouldn’t be optional in this world.
Kindness should be sprinkled in this world.
Being Black should not be a death sentence
Being poor should not be a death sentence
Religion should not be a death sentence
Black or white, rich or poor doesn’t matter as in the end, we all are HUMANS.
Humanity should live, not just humans.

It’s not just about the US, such discrimination is almost everywhere in different forms. This is inhuman and disgusting. No matter where you are or who you are, don’t let racism be normal.

Why is it that we need to remind ourselves how important every life is, why do we have to remind ourselves that a black person is human too, why do we have to remind ourselves that everyone is EQUAL.

Why can’t we create a world where JUSTICE ISN’T DELAYED?

Why can’t the future generations not know what Racism is, not know what discrimination is?

Let us all #STANDTOGETHER in this, and make sure that we believe in the following:


We will make sure to respect every human and appreciate their existence and uniqueness.


We will never have pre-conceptions of what has been going on for ages. We won’t follow things blindly and we will see the reality and our actions will be based only on either this reality or our personal experience.

COMMIT ourselves to CHANGE:

We will be the change that society needs. We will commit ourselves to make the world a better place to live and be not afraid to bring the change (even if it means going against the crowd).

Know that we have the power to bring the change and our voices will make an impact. No one deserves to experience what George Floyd did, or be an observer like we all are. The world has no place for such abusive practices, and this has to come to an end.

A similar incident happened in Palghar, India on 16th April 2020 where 2 Hindu Sadhus and their driver were beaten to death in front of a policeman who stood there watching the whole incident. I really wanted to write on that incident on how religion can be a reason of death in my country, but until I get accurate information on why, how and who made that happened, I am restricting myself from writing on it.

All humans bleed red blood,
All humans are born free,
All humans deserve respect,
All humans have equal rights,
All humans breathe the same air.

No race, No religion, No gender or No wealth can divide us.

It’s not just George Floyd but the World can’t breathe due to presence of such unethical practices.


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