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While the global crisis has made half of the world’s population to go under lockdown, crime rates and air pollution levels have fallen drastically. Violent crime, including murder and rape, has plummeted in most of the places.

Countries have been put into lockdown, events cancelled, schools closed, and we are asked to stay at home. Social media and every other means of communication would display a notice with an extremely important message during the Coronavirus crisis: “STAY HOME. STAY SAFE.”

Having said that, I am referring to the victims of domestic violence. The lockdown has turned into a trap for victims of domestic violence. Victims are in their homes with the abuser, secluded from the people who could help them. For domestic violence victims’ home is also a dangerous place. Many women and children have been victims for many years and lockdown around the world has brought more trouble in their lives.

Many cities have reported up to 49 percent rise in domestic violence cases and most of the complains are through emails, which means that these complains are from victims who have internet access. What about the rest? They have no means of communication; they do not have their own devices nor the freedom to make calls and report the crime in front of abusers. According to officials, only 20 percent of crime are reported rest goes unsaid. Every three days one woman is killed by her partner. The personal safety of woman is at greater risk now more than ever.

Social distancing seems good and right during this pandemic but on the other hand, it has made the situation worse for the victims as they have no idea how to break out and escape from this situation during the quarantine. Countries like India, France, Italy, USA, Brazil and Australia have reported dramatic increase in the number of domestic violence cases since March 2020.

Psychological stress, economic crisis, anxiety, and frustration have made the situation more harmful and dangerous. The absence of ways to purchase Alcohol and drugs for addicts has worsened the situation.

Governments are also trying to find ways to stop domestic violence in this crisis and NGOs are struggling to be of assistance to victims of domestic violence and abuse. If you are a victim or know someone who is suffering from domestic violence, REPORT IT. Various helpline numbers for domestic violence based on your city have been listed by the government to support the victims.

Violence does not distinguish its victims based on gender, and pain has no gender.

The #LockdownOnDomesticViolence is a great initiative where celebrity urges victims to fight against brutal crime and sends a powerful message, “Let’s put a lockdown on domestic violence.” It puts forward a grim reality of what is happening across the nation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

My message through this medium is “Empower yourself against the domestic violence.”

If you are involved in an abusive relationship, you may think there is no way out, but the fact is there is. Do not live in the false hope that things will get better someday. Neither wait for other people to save you from the abuser. Only YOU can save yourself and if you are not willing to help yourself, no one can ever.

While the world is waging war against the COVID-19 virus, these victims are not safe in their own homes and they are battling an inside enemy. Therefore, if the only battle you are facing during this lockdown is monotony, then shut up and count your blessings.

This PEACE in Monotony might be a blessing for those domestic violence victims.


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