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Father, the one who lived and showed us how to live

Ask any father the best title he ever got, and he would say being called by his children as “The Best Father in the world”

Father’s Day is a day honouring fathers or any male mentors in our life. We often forget their contribution to our lives. So, this day reminds us to express how much we value them, love them and how important they are for us.

We often argue how important the role of a mother is in shaping the life of a child.

But, why don’t we discuss the impact of a father’s presence in a child's life?

The idea of celebrating fatherhood was first introduced in the United States in 1910.

Since then, every year Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday of June. Usually, the sacrifices of a father go unnoticed, we often take them granted. We forgot how much they deserve to be valued. We forgot to appreciate their existence and how they played an important role in our lives.

Traditionally fathers are expected to the sole breadwinners of the family and had little to do with parenting. Luckily, times have changed and so have the gender dynamics changed. The way women have started contributing towards the family income, men have started helping women in parenting.

In fact, research shows how fathers now have a great understanding of the importance of parenting. Compared to earlier generations, fathers have been spending three times more time with their children. Only around 3% of fathers have never changed the diapers of their children.

“Anyone can father a child as relatively it is a simple process, but being a dad is what matters”

Being a dad is far more than just fathering a child. It’s about being there for your family and not just providing money when something has to be paid off. It is to comfort your son/daughter when they are upset. It’s about spending time and embracing the funny side with your children.

In my early childhood, I remember how I saw my father going to work daily irrespective of his health.

How I use to complain about he not taking a day off even for his health. How he never spent a penny on himself.

How my mom was the one to buy clothes for him as he never had any of his own demands.

I remember how my mom told us that he would never complain about anything; be it his clothes or food or any such things.

How even after long hours of work he won’t feel tired to carry us, play with us or listen to our silly complains.

How he was our saver when mom gets angry on us for not learning manners.

How happy he kept our mother and how much he respected her for everything she did.

I grew up seeing how wonderful a person can be, how selfless a person can be, how caring and loving a person can be. I remember seeing a genuine smile on his face just by seeing me happy and even after so many years of troubling him, not meeting his expectations, many times hurting him for selfish reasons, answering him back on small arguments, still, I could see him genuinely happy with my happiness.

I could write on pages to describe things my father did and how he was always there for me. From going to government offices in summers just to get my passport done, driving me to my work, waiting the whole day for me to finish off with my work to teach me how to drive. He truly showed me what a SUPERHERO is.

During my childhood, I never had any favorite superhero as my father was the one for me.

This memory of him would always be my definition of a father.

A dad is one who taught us how to treat others with respect and patience regardless of who they are, what they are or how they look.

A dad is one who loves us selflessly and accepts all our flaws

He knows he is the role model for kids and he won’t judge you for anything. He knows how his behaviour would have an influence on us and so he tries to do the best he can.

Being a dad is like being happy with his son/daughter happiness, putting children first above anyone else.

Being a dad is like showing the kids how to have fun, how to face the crisis with a smile, how to sacrifice things for family and it’s about knowing likes and dislikes, hobbies and dreams of a kid.

At this place, I could understand the purpose of life for him. I could see very clearly the ultimate goal in his mind towards which he succeeded for the whole of his life.

What a father he is!

I heartily salute his feelings with gratitude and humbleness.

If today, we are successful in life, this is due to the family life that my father and mother gave us. How they managed to overcome all the hurdles in life, giving us wonderful childhood memories and showing us how to have a happy family.

Respect to all the father’s who have sacrificed their life and happiness for the sake of their children.

You all are the REAL SUPERHEROES.

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