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Therefore, this year will be of Emotional connection, not just Social Distancing.

It seems like we have started living our lives in a completely different world. We don’t get to do so many things that we were doing earlier, many of us got so helpless that we were not able to say a final goodbye to our loved ones. We wonder if we could go back in time. We never wanted these things.

Countries were talking about wars, experts warned us about the dangers of climate change but none of them prepared us for this pandemic and that it would make us all do things that we never thought of.

But then life isn’t meant to be easy. Life can’t be predictable; it is about taking a chance in the unknown. Life can never be perfect, if it happens to be so, we would have been living into boredom without looking forward to new day new challenges.

The irony of life is, it takes hard times to value the presence of privileges into our lives.

Presently, the only solution that countries have is SOCIAL DISTANCING.

So, what is Social distancing?

Social distancing in simpler words is keeping space between people. It is a practice where you are advised to avoid physical contact with other people, stay at home and go out only if essential. In other words, it is “PHYSICAL DISTANCING”. We must follow social distancing to fight this highly contagious disease.

Humans are wired to the feeling of togetherness and emotional connection. It’s normal to get the feeling of emotionally disconnected from others as the things that gave us a sense of belonging are missing from our lives: weekend gathering, family get-together, our gym work-out, trying new restaurants, roaming around with friends and family.

However, it is of utmost importance to understand that we are asked to do Social (Physical) distancing and not emotional distancing.

We need to understand the difference between Isolation and being lonely.

In times of Social distancing, emotional wellbeing is at danger. It is hard but not impossible for us to maintain social distance without feeling downhearted. Isolation can have a long-lasting psychological impact on an individual and so the need to connect with people is called for now more than ever.

Here are strategies that I suggest you enrol in starting from today:

Isolate yourself but stay close

Always remember you are asked to maintain a physical distance and not emotional distance. Phone calls, video chats or messaging can be used to stay connected with your favourites. Fact is, you have an opportunity to strengthen the family relationship through co-operative activities and shared entertainment.

Do physical exercise and eat healthily

Yoga or any form of work-out would help your body to keep your mind in control. Take a walk, run, or meditate to battle depression, stress or anxiety. Poor diet affects your immune system resulting in your body getting weak. With the advancement of technology, you can even opt for Online work-out or Live work-out sessions. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand.

Be a helping hand

Everyone has their struggles and maybe we could act as a saver for others who are in desperate need. In such hard times, be a rescuer for those who need your support. Such things will aid you in having an emotional connection.

Be Optimistic

Little we do something for our mind that suffers every day.

Find the good in the bad is my advice for this current situation. A positive attitude brings in positive thoughts that help us to focus on solutions rather than the problems.

Try to get out your hidden talents

Be it arts, music, learning something new or any skills that might interest you. Indulge yourself in those activities. Keeping your mind busy with things that you love would turn out to be your best partner for fighting psychological disorder. You never know, this lockdown might bring out a new career for you and maybe that would make you a member of “Lockdown Got Talent 😉”

Financial stability, Job security and balancing your household chores might be at risk but don’t let those things get you close towards depression.

Sooner or later, this lockdown will be lifted and slowly things would start getting normal, but till then you need to STAY HOPEFUL and be EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED.

Are you still feeling lonely?
But you’re not alone, you’re with yourself.
Be good to your “SPECIAL SELF”
Be your favourite (मैं अपनी फेवरिट हूं)


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