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Coronavirus wake-up call?

The thing that everyone usually loves most is TRAVEL. There are so many reasons to travel, for some, it’s about exploring new places, relax their mind to others posting photos on social websites. Almost every other person would say Travel is their hobby.

Sadly, with the current scenario, it is not advisable to travel.

Everyone is talking about coronavirus, but do we have to panic?

I would say, Be Aware, Be Prepared but don’t Panic. Every year there are more deaths with pneumonia and hunger, if this hasn’t bothered you, then let me tell you Coronavirus is nothing; you don’t have to worry at all.

Here’s why I think that Coronavirus is nothing but a wake-up call for every one of us.

It showed us the importance of things that we wouldn’t have cared otherwise. It helped us understand how fortunate we are to be able to travel, how lucky we are to breathe and relax at our homes when some countries are facing their worst nightmares. It showed us how the statement “You’re never too busy to take time out of your busy schedule” is 100% true. You would have never had these moments with your family, your friends or never had time for yourself.

Presently things are worst, but it will get better. Let’s hope it happens soon. But till then, make the best out of the situation we have. Have loans to pay? Facing financial issues due to the economic crisis? Worried about your health? Wondering what would happen to your business. Fact check, even if you worry about those things, nothing you could about this global emergency. Coronavirus is not in your hands, neither superpowers can do anything about it. All we can do is be alert, take precautions and most importantly STOP CREATING PANIC ABOUT IT. Spread Positivity and Hope.


Talk positively, share happiness and most important don’t let these days go waste as you never know this could be the golden chance for you to spend time with your loved ones.

Why don’t you get your old photo album out and re-visit those memories? You must be having many friends whom you might have lost contact with - call them. You must have some hidden talents that you left behind while matching the pace of life. Use this time to get those talents out and let me tell you "No happiness would match this level."

Find yourself, when things are on track, remove all that is negative in your life. Always give priority to what you love, your self-respect, your physical as well as mental health. Try to find ways to make things better, work on making your soul happy and when time is right you will get all that you wished for. Humanity and Nature are all that matters and if you respect them, you have God to look after you.

Someday, when this is gone. Make a promise to yourself that no matter how busy life makes you, you won’t get busy enough to spend these moments again.

Rich people are scared too, and their money can’t do anything about Coronavirus.


I agree with Go Corona, Corona Go but wake-up people please wake-up it’s the time now.

Most importantly, please refer the link below for recommendations by WHO as protective measures against the coronavirus.


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