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Check up on a strong woman you know. She is the one bleeding in silence.

She has a smiling face, always busy with her stuff. So many calls and messages a day and yet she finds no one to check on her.

She's always checking up on her people and no one ever seems to realize that she has feelings too. They think of her as a strong woman because she is the one who always cares and is available for those who need her help.

But less the people know that a strong woman needs help too.

Deep down she is falling apart, and no one seems to be there for her.

She also craves the love and care she gives, but no one listens to what her heart has to say.

Worry in her mind and no answers to her doubts.

Is she not worthy that no one cares?

Was she wrong that no one cares?

Where are those people for whom she cared?

Where are the texts and calls of the persons she checked?

Slowly she is giving up on herself. She has stopped responding to texts and calls that she get. She feels like staying home and not get out of her bed. She drags herself to work and back each day. Those people meet her and say where has she been as they haven’t heard from her the whole weekend. But No one cared to check if she’s doing great.

Days go and she kept feeling low, she realized her friends would be there only if she cares. All she can do is try to convince herself each day and listen to the inner voice that tells her to stay. She only thinks about why her friends left and why no one cared? Till she found herself an answer that made sense.

She now knows that her friends have labelled her as a “STRONG PERSON”.

Her friends think she has nothing to be sad about, they feel she can handle everything as she has been handling things in past. They assumed she can face any troubles in life, any complications or any obstacles. For how can she tell, that “STRONG PERSON NEEDS HELP TOO”.

She now knows her enemy was the SMILE she kept. Smile to make others happy, smile to spread the positivity and smile to let others think that she’s fine. There are things that she can’t change and there are things she can’t neglect. Every day she forces herself thinking a day will come when she will find a shoulder to cry. It's getting harder for her but she is not an easy-giver.

A day has come, and she gave up. She feels she can’t handle a thing now. Lying on bed she cried as such no one cared. The whole night went off and she was awake with her loneliness thinking she gave up.

Sunrise made her feel a thing, that she can’t give up so easily.
She stood up, got ready as if nothing happened and now she left for work with a smile.
And here comes for the world “A STRONG WOMAN”

We forget, that even a strong person would need help. They might suffer too, they don’t show doesn’t mean they don’t go. Life is much harder for them as they are taken for granted and no one really cares for them.

They care as they know, how bad the pain is. They care as they don’t want you to feel lonely. They care as loneliness is the worst enemy.

Suicide rates have been increasing each day. In this busy world, we often forget to check on people whom we assume to be strong. Check on your family and friends, even for those whom you feel are doing great. Your one call or a single message can help them in dealing with things they are suffering from.

Don’t wait till you lose them.
Crying over the loss won’t make you get them back.
Checking on them would let you not lose them.

Dedicated to all the strong women in this world.

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