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Being single is better than being with the wrong person

All of us want to be loved, appreciated, and protected. We all want someone to look after us, be there with us in our hard times and listen to us when we are upset. Otherwise, the world could be an unhappy place.

Isn’t it true that we all crave love and affection that stays with us till we die?

Usually, this love and affection are procured with a committed relationship. We all desire loyal and deep love. One which makes our life complete, make us feel excited for every new day.

Who would prefer to die alone? The feeling itself makes us sad and depressed about our future. Thinking of getting old and dying alone seems a horror to us. Such thoughts make us emotionally helpless that we might want to talk with our ex or find someone whom we can flirt with or try any dating apps. At night while lying on the bed, when we’re emotionally powerless, we even decide on marrying the person that deep down somewhere we might know is not “THE ONE”.

Isn’t it true that we all are looking for love that is usually shown in movies, REAL and UNCONDITIONAL? We all are looking forward to meeting that person who will be proud to have us and would be a pillar in our difficult times.

Sometimes, however, this craving for love makes us plunge into a relationship with someone who might not be the right person for us. All we focus is to fill the gap in our lives that would make us feel safe from the nightmare of being alone. Such desperation makes us go for a relation that in the long run, we would regret. Later, we blame ourselves for spoiling our lives. We are ready to risk our happiness in return to save ourselves from loneliness.

We pressurize ourself saying that what if we lose this person and there’s no one else who could match this level of comfort, and later we had to regret our decision. We don’t want to face the world who would be so ready to judge us for rejecting someone whom they don’t even know for real. The fear of being judged, fear of being alone and fear of losing and not finding someone else makes us rush into a relationship.

Have faith in God and trust his timings. Know that when the time is right, we will get all that is ours.

Friendship will find us
Love will find us
Care will find us
And, PEACE will find us.

Don’t get into this trap of getting into a relationship for one-sided love, for someone who doesn’t appreciate us, who don’t value our existence. As in the start, everything might seem good but in the long run, we will find ourselves into a miserable world that we created. We would see that for the world we have someone who’ll be there for us but in reality, we know we are alone. We won’t find peace and happiness. Loneliness will return to us and this time with a better version.

We are humans and its normal to crave such things but ONLY with the RIGHT PERSON, such feelings are fulfilled. The wrong one will make us suffer in a way that we will smile outside and die from within. Don’t let this happen to each one of us. Know yourself, feel the person whom we think is perfect for us. And, if the person is meant to be ours, we would know it. We would look into their eyes and would feel the real selfless love.

It is better to be alone than be with someone who makes us more desperate about finding true love.

We will have to be patient to wait for the person and brave enough to handle our fear of being alone.

Patience is the only thing we can have.

Patience to wait for the right person.

Don’t you agree that it’s better to be alone than face all this? If you appreciate yourself, be happy with yourself and not afraid to spend life alone, you will be able to find that person in your life. Till then, wait for the one who deserves to have you and your heart.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find the unconditional love that you already have. And wait for the time when you’ll see that unconditional love in someone else.

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