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9 Healthy Habits to Start Today

I believe to the saying, “Little things matter the most”.

Most of us are aware of how important health is. For those who are not, would know its importance sooner or later. Health is something which you cannot buy. Money won’t help you get your health to what it was. It is something that one needs to earn.

Earn it through our routines, our habits, our lifestyle and our choices.

But, its never too late to start adopting new habits and work towards the betterment of life. Start from today, change your 1 or 2 habits a day and each day get closer towards better health.

Below are the 9 healthy habits that you can practise on a daily basis and make a big difference in your life.

1. Stairs aren’t just to stare:

You are at your home or office, use the stairs as much as you can. Try to avoid the use of the elevator or escalator whenever possible. This will be a boon to your heart and legs. Heart health is very important and stairs can help a lot in improving your heart health.

2. Stay hydrated:

Don’t forget to have an extra glass of water daily. Drinking enough water daily keep your energy level high and prevent unwanted headaches! Water lubricates your joints and protects your spinal cord. It also helps to remove waste via urination, sweat, and your bowel movements. Say no to aerated drinks and replace them with water.

3. Include walking in your daily routine:

Start with 5 minutes walk a day and gradually add on minutes daily. A few days later make sure to manage to have at least 15 minutes walk daily. Walking is a healthy form of low-impact exercise. It helps to get some fresh air too, as it can help clear your mind of stress.

4. Don’t forget to Sit up straight:

Good posture can help prevent aches and pains, while also reducing stress on your ligaments. If you find yourself forgetting to sit upright, ask your friends or family to point out to you every time they see you not sitting straight.

5. Sleep more care less:

An individual should have at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation causes many negative effects on physical as well as mental health. Thus, sleep is most important for health. Lack of sleep causes the hormones that control your hunger to become disrupted, leading to these cravings.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning:

Don’t forget to include breakfast that is rich in fibre and full of proteins in your daily routine. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fibre is good for digestion and proteins are good for your muscles. Plus, starting your day with energy helps to get through the day positively.

Don’t forget to add fruits in your breakfast menu either whole, cut or in juice form.

7. Add greens to your daily diet:

Greens are the game-changer as this is the easiest way to get in all of your essential nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins.

8. Balance on one leg:

I read about this habit a few years back and have been practising it for a few months, it is a simple exercise which every one of us can do daily. Stand on one leg for 10 seconds before switching to the other leg. It can help improve your balance, agility, and mobility.

9. Meditation:

Pause, sit quietly and meditate. Trust me, meditation would do wonders to your mental and physical health. If you live a stressful, crazy life and you feel like you never have time to relax, this is a simple habit that you could really benefit from.

Practising above 9 things daily would soon result in becoming your routine. And one day it would become a part of life that you would never want to give up.

Commit to yourself
Start from today or start right away
Start with the easiest habit that you think you can add in your daily routine.

Lastly, remember these habits are the ones that your future healthy life would always be proud of.

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