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Did someone break your heart?
Did someone play with your emotions?
Did someone make you feel unwanted?
Did someone not meet your expectations?
Did someone disappoint you?
Did someone make you leave your dream?

So many thoughts in your mind, thoughts full of anger, complains and guilt.

Why did he/she do that?

How could he/she do that?

Why do I have to go through such things?

You, me, and all of us go through such emotions. I remember my friend complaining to me about how a guy didn’t fulfil her expectations, how he did not fulfil her dreams and how she ended up wasting few years on him but in return, she got only disappointments.

Though I could feel her pain, she was my friend and I thought of being honest to her rather than just faking care. I told her that even though I could not know how much pain this has brought to her, but it is a fact that she sounded like a victim.

She was not able to take that sentence positively for a few days as she felt that I thought her to be fake. But I chose to be honest.

Though life isn’t fair with us and what we go through isn’t always easy. I knew her since my childhood, I know what she was and what she has become. Playing a victim was not the girl I know of her.

I asked her to take some time for herself, get her mind reset and evaluate things.

We should know what we want from life, have control over our actions and emotions, sort out and organize things that matter the most.

Below are the five things that one should let go off in order to stop playing the victim.

1. Self-doubting:

First and foremost step is not to have Self-doubting thoughts. Stop thinking of yourself small as compared to others.

Self-respect and Self-love is the key.

Don’t be desperate to have people’s approval and acceptance. Be who you are. Be honest and genuine to yourself. Accept what you have and appreciate all that you have. Stop doubting your appearance or your body.

Thin or Fat, Short or tall; love yourself.

Don’t assume and Believe in yourself.

2. Negativity:

Disconnect from all that is Negative, be it a person or a relationship or a place. Toxic relationships, gossiping friends and negative thinkers; all of these are not required in your life. These are nothing but a bunch of people who have no life and so they find happiness in criticizing others. Detach yourself from that person who always talks about what he/she lacks in life, that person who always post negative stuff or that person who is always unhappy no matter what.

3. Stop playing the blame game:

It’s human nature to blame people for failures or disappointments in life. But few of us know that blaming others for what you went through or what they made you go through is not the solution, instead, it’s a trap so that you won’t ever come out as a winner from it.

Develop a habit of asking yourself what?

  • What made you go through this?

  • What could you have done differently?

  • What did you gain from this failure?

Even though other person had played their part in making you suffer, knowing what possible things could have resulted in avoiding such frustrating events would help you in emerging out as a stronger and better person.

4. Comparing:

You fail when you compare yourself with others.
You fail when you compare the past with the present.
You fail when you compare one person to another.

Comparing is like thinking all human are the same and every situation is the same.

Not every person get married at the same age. Not every person become a parent at the same age. We all have a different life, experience and different expectations from life.

Your timeline is unique to you. Your life is unique to you.

5. Satisfaction:

Always work harder for a better future or for fulfilling your life goals. Satisfaction with what you have is important. Satisfaction doesn’t mean that being in a bad relationship but still be satisfied thinking that is what your life has to offer you.

  • It is about being happy with what you got after all your efforts and hundred percent dedication.

  • It is about not losing happiness by thinking if you had more.

  • It is about fighting for right, leaving the wrong and standing with a smile even if you are alone.

The day when you would know the importance of loving yourself, how you oversee your happiness and the difference between Self-love and Selfish, Self-respect and Ego. That day onwards you will stop playing as a victim.

Rightly said that Happiness comes from within, rest everything is just a bonus to your life.

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