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5 Reasons Why People Who Enjoy The Rain Are Happier In Life

Whenever I hear people say they are happiest during sunny days, I wonder if they ever danced in the rain.

Do you feel the rain?

Do you just get wet?

Do you prefer to stay inside?

Are you someone who finds the world more beautiful when it rains?

If so, you are part of a group known as Pluviophiles. They wouldn’t consider the rainy day as “bad weather day”.

Who is a pluviophile?

Pluviophile is a combination of two Latin words: “Pluvia” which means rain and “Phile” a slang word used to describe a lover of something. Thus, Pluviophile means lover of rain.

If you’re a pluviophile, not only you are cheerful when it rains, the chances are that you’re a more pleasant person the rest of the time as well. Below are the reasons why people who enjoy the rain are happier in life:

1. They are Carpe Diemist

Most of you are aware of the word “Carpe Diem” which means enjoying the present. So the person with such an attitude can be called as “Carpe Diemist”. For them, life is an evolving moment. Life is not to worry about the future or bother about the past but to live each moment with joy. They know that anything might happen tomorrow, someone might break our heart or we may face failures in life but those future assumptions won’t make them stop enjoying the present. They make every moment count, they embrace the moments.

2. They are Self-confident

Being an adult, would you feel shy about dancing in rains? Watch any pluviophile, they wouldn’t care if people would watch them do so. Their priority is to enjoy the rains and they are confident about themselves that people judgments won’t bother them at all.

3. They stand firm during difficult times.

Like they know rains are temporary and important in our lives, they also know that difficult times are temporary and such challenges are part and parcel of our lives. They motivate people and remind them that “this too shall pass”.

4. They have a bird’s eye view.

They won’t ever freak out about the rains and the weather as they know it’s just a naturally occurring and not a disaster. They know how to deal with simple realities in life and thus make the surrounding suitable for themselves. Ever found yourself trapped in rain, experience it with a rain lover and you would know that rains are the giver of happy moments.

5. They can see the beauty in sadness.

Did rain ever cancel your outdoor activities plan? Well, for a pluviophile even though rain cancelled their outdoor activity, they would be excited about spending the day watching the rains. Snuggled up on the couch, with a cup of tea and listening to the rhythms of the rain. You won’t see them complaining about the event being cancelled rather they would take this as an opportunity to enjoy time with oneself.

Rain lovers understand the “importance of life” and so they won’t ever give a miss to such events.

They don’t wait for the storm to pass, rather they dance in the rain.

I enjoy with people who smile when it rains
I feel as if rain showers my soul
Rain reminds me to look up, as without rain there would be no Rainbow.
I love watching people running through the rain with their colourful umbrellas.
I feel blessed when I could smell the wet soil in the rain.
Nothing makes me happier than “RAINY DAYS”

Feel each drop of rain and you would how blessed our lives are.

Happy Monsoon 😊

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